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Laurin Kilbert holds a degree in metal design from the University for Applied Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim, 2015-2019 he worked in the fields contemporary art jewelry, which still influences the communicative aspects of his work. He holds a Master of Arts in Design (HAWK Hildesheim 2021) and studied Transformation Design at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig. Laurin Kilbert interweaves crafts with the sensual aspects of digitality, algorithmic design, as well as ceramic 3D printing. Investigating through installations, he strives for a life-centered design that includes non-human actants and considers humans as well as their technologies as a genuine part of nature. In this sense he co-founded the „Symbiotic Spaces Collective“, where he is currently developing multi-species habitats for urban wildlife, 3D printed made from local clay.

His current installations within the Symbiotic Spaces Collective question concepts of nature, technology, material, and the individual. Motivated by pressing questions about species extinction and the ecological impact of human actions, he is seeking ways to use technology for life-sustaining processes and to make urban spaces more bio-inclusive. The current pilot project is the realization of a insallation from local clays to protect the endangered yellow-bellied toad in cooperation with NABU, the nature conservation authority and the amphibian biotope Hildesheim, Germany.


new european bauhaus prize logo rising stars

The Symbiotic Spaces Collective is winner of the New European Bauhaus Prize Rising Stars 2022




3D Pioneers Challenge (Finalist) 2024
IHM Talente (Finalist) 2024
New European Bauhaus Prize Rising Stars „Reconnecting
with nature“ for Symiotic Spaces Collective (Winner) 2022
BKV Prize Applied Arts Munich 2022 (Finalist) 2022
Graduation Prize Kaiserhausstiftung – Winner 2021

German Design Newcomer Award – Nominee 2021
German Design Graduates (Stilwerk Magazin) – Winner 2021
State Prize Lower Saxony Newcomer 2022 – Finalist 2021



Munich “IHM TALENTE” 2024
Hannover (DE) __Niedersächsischer Staatspreis__2022

Milano (IT) „a magical touch in a magical world“ Salone del satellite, 2022
Berlin (DE)„German Design Graduates Exhibition“ Museum for Applied Arts 2022
Wiesbaden (DE) „Umschlungen“ Gallery Hermsen, Wiesbaden 2019
Monthey (CH) „NOD – Not only decoration“ 2018
Lille (FR) „NOD – Not only decoration“, Galley Alliages, Lilles 2018
Vienna (AT) „NOD – Not only decoration“, Galerie Aljaandfriends 2017
Hanau (DE) __ Georg Dobler Students: Pretty Pieces__ Goldschmiedehaus 2017
Chemnitz (DE) __ Ausgezeichnet! Most excellent! __ 2016
Hildesheim (DE) __ Schmuck? Schmuck. Schmuck!, Gallyer Kathrin Sättele __ 2016



University of Arts Weißensee Berlin_ Perception & Multispecies Design, teaching assignment 2024

University Halle Burg Giebichenstein Symbiotic Spaces Clay, People, Critter Lecture 2023

HBBE University Newcastle (UK) __ There is no nature Lecture & teaching 2022

Ministry for Housing, Urban Development Berlin_ Symbiotic Spaces Collective: 3D Printing for endangered Species 2022

University of Applied Sciences & Arts Hildesheim__Non-human-centered Design Lecture 2022

Institute for Bioarchitecture Barcelona (iBAG/IAAC)__Design & Symbiosis Lecture 2021

Laurin Kilbert

Laurin Kilbert is an artist, designer & co-funder of the symbiotic spaces collective, based in Germany. He works on 3D Clay printing, multispecies habitats/installations for urban contexts and crafts.